Femmes d’Argentine (2019-21)

This body of work deals with the violence of Argentina’s dictatorship through images taken in the archives and memory centres in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, coupled with texts by Guylaine Massoutre. It takes the form of a web essay, and a series of photographs is integrated into Massoutre’s book.

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In the fall of 2018, I attended a research-creation residency in Argentina. On this occasion, my friend Guylaine Massoutre, a Montreal writer, invited me to contribute to the essay she was writing on a novel by the Argentinean author Susana Romano Sued. Romano Sued has distinguished herself on the literary scene with Procedimiento. Memoria de la Perla et La Ribera (2007). This powerful novel recounts the life (survival) of a group of women in the clandestine detention centres in Córdoba during the military dictatorship.

During my stay, I met Susana, who is a professor emerita of literature at the University of Córdoba. We visited emblematic sites of the 1969 popular uprising, and I documented, at her invitation, Córdoba’s archive and memory centre. My images are in part documentary, but they stand out for their evocative power. I go out to meet Susana, and I photograph women, out of solidarity, to make them visible

Guylaine Massoutre’s essay, Nous sommes le soleil, was published in Montreal in October 2019; it includes 32 of my photographs. The publication was a finalist for the 2020 Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada, in the Essay category.

I extended this collaboration with a web essay featuring images, texts by Romano Sued and Massoutre, and an original soundtrack by Alejandro Brianza.

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