Cosmogonies is first of all a photographic installation presented in a laundromat, as part of the “Tour de Villeneuve” project, where 13 artists/photographers from Atelier FOVEA invested 13 neighbourhood businesses with images, installations and photographic interventions. Montreal Mois de la Photo, 2001

The TOPO art centre then produced a web adaptation of the visual installations.

To view the web project today, it is necessary to install a plugin to activate the Flash software with which the original project was made.

“The laundry ritual is charged with cycles and circular movements that ultimately refer to time. Motivated by the laundromat owners’ origin, Cosmogonies creates a parallel between this cyclical universe and Hindu iconography. Through a delicate manipulation of these symbols and their adaptation to a contemporary art context, the work proposes a colorful reorganization of the laundromat’s white and monotonous interior. Waiting is transformed into a meditation on the concentric rhythms of life. The creative process and the technique behind Cosmogonies also reference the intersection of cultural identities in the heart of the city.”

Sylvette Babin, Villeneuve revisited, Tour de Villeneuve Tour, catalog, Atelier Fovea, 2001

• Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM), 2002
• Net art open exhibition, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, 2002
• FILE (Electronic Language International Festival), Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2002

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