Ecotopias (2023)

Research-creation residencies

  • El Bolit, Contemporary Art Centre (Girona, Catalonia, 2023) 
  • Universidad de Lánus (Buenos Aires, 2018)

This ongoing project is an exploration of disused peripheries as a generator of alternative and utopian positions on the city in transformation. This research is part of my documentation work around territories as spaces for visual, artistic and civic expression. I have been building this project since 2016, mainly through stays in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Detroit and Montreal.

I am interested in the social and cultural occupation of wastelands. My purpose is to contrast their uses with sometimes contradictory issues: spaces abandoned then revitalized, regenerated, cultivated, or colonized… , such as a cultural utopia in Montreal, a capitalist failure in Detroit, an emergency occupation in Barcelona, and walled and criminalized spaces in Buenos Aires. I also examine how language and cultural contexts (the North, the South) shape our representations of these landscapes: no man’s- land, wasteland, edgeland, terrain vague, tiers paysage, interstice, descampado, solar, lugar sin diseñar, desperdiciado, and so on. What do we take care of, who do we take care of?

Recherches Qualitatives, special issue on research-creation directed by France Joyal, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Association pour la recherche qualitative