Eva Quintas
Photography and Media Arts
eva (at) evaquintas (dot) ca


Since the 1990s, Eva Quintas has pursued a photographic practice rooted in social and cultural issues with an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach.

Her production has included photographic exhibitions, web art works, and video installations, as well as co-creating a work of photographic and literary fiction designed for the exhibition space, radio, web and CD-ROM. Through an exploration of different narrative forms, she probes the role of the imagination in the construction of identities, mythologies and cultural territories.

In her current work, Quintas focuses on cities as sites of artistic and civic expression. She is interested in creation as a way of interpreting society and the issues raised by citizen-artists whose interventions modulate and disrupt the public space into which they are inserted. Her projects are contextual, often developed during residencies, and inspired by social science methodologies; they are anchored in encounters and research around cultural and political territories, as she seeks the fragile balance between documentation and poetry.

In recent years, Quintas, of Catalan background, has participated in exchange projects between art centres in Quebec and Catalonia, through residencies, exhibitions and photographic correspondence on Instagram conducted with a Barcelona artist during the long pandemic period (#evalaia – 2020-22).

Eva Quintas lives and works in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Her work has been presented in Canada and various countries in Europe and the Americas, Japan and West Africa, in exhibitions, events, and media art festivals and on digital platforms. For the past 20 years, she has combined her practice with cultural work related to policy, programming, mediation and research. She is also co-founder and administrator of the digital creation centre TOPO.

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