“To be ravished is to be captured and enchanted at the same time” (Roland Barthes)

Video installation for three screens on the theme of metaphors for love and war evoked by the ambiguous concept of ravishment, when taken in the contemporary sense of enchantment or the ancient one of kidnapping.

Three simultaneous projections establish parallels between certain modalities of virtual and physical encounter. The central screen features staged scenes of a dozen actors playing out love ravishment that gets more and more violent. The screens on the right and left show a man and a woman, at the computer, surfing dating and social networking sites on the web. The triptych is completed by a soundtrack with voiceovers on the multiple definitions of ravishment and excerpts from spam emails relating to the desire to meet.

• Voix Visuelle, Ottawa (Ontario), 2012
• Espace F, Matane (Quebec), 2009
• Manif d’art 4, Quebec’s Art Biennial (Quebec City), 2008

LEBLANC, Valérie. (2009). Toi/You, la rencontre – 4e Manifestation internationale d’art de Québec, Montreal, Espace, no. 86