Inhabiting the Wasteland (2023)

Friches / Baldíos / Wastelands (2023)

Ecotopias (2023) Research-creation residencies El Bolit, Contemporary Art Centre (Girona, Catalonia, 2023)  Universidad de Lánus (Buenos Aires, 2018) This ongoing project is an exploration of disused peripheries as a generator of alternative and utopian positions on the city in transformation. This research is part of my documentation work around territories as spaces for visual, artistic […]

La vision culturelle d’Athanase David (2023)


La vision culturelle d’Athanase David (2023) 44 inkjet photos, texts (typography, screen printing and inkjet), various dimensions. Athanase-David space (church), Val-David In May 2023, I was in residence at the Atelier de l’île artist-run centre in Val-David. There, I continued my exploration of territories as spaces for visual, artistic, and civic expression. Sociologist Fernand Harvey’s […]

Abandonments (2022)


Abandonments (2022) Ongoing project Over the past few years, I produced a set of images that I group together under the notion of abandonment. They refer to the passage of time, to places and people left behind. The COVID-related lockdown that began in the spring of 2020 accelerated my reflections on occupation of the territory […]

Meeting Eva_Laia (2022)


Meeting Eva_Laia (2022) This project is part of a photographic exchange between the VU (Quebec City) and Roca Umbert (Granollers) centres within the framework of cultural cooperation agreements between Quebec and Catalonia. Courants/Corrents brought together two photographers from Quebec and two from Catalonia for a three-part exchange: photographic correspondence on Instagram, cross-residencies, and exhibitions in […]

Femmes d’Argentine (2019-2021)

Femmes d’Argentine

Femmes d’Argentine (2019-21) This body of work deals with the violence of Argentina’s dictatorship through images taken in the archives and memory centres in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, coupled with texts by Guylaine Massoutre. It takes the form of a web essay, and a series of photographs is integrated into Massoutre’s book. See the web […]

Fusion of horizons (2016)

La fusion des horizons

Fusion of horizons (2016) Photographic essay for three video projection screens on the general theme of art, the city and citizenship. The project includes some 300 images coupled with texts by me and Michel Lefebvre (in French, English, Spanish) and an original soundtrack by Thierry Gauthier. “Fusion of horizons” refers to a concept developed […]

Amazons, rebels and mutants (2014)


Amazons, Rebels and Mutants (2014) This corpus of portraits of women artists concludes a cycle in which I focused on the figure of the warrior as cultural resistant. Here the artists are identified for their respective practices, which present, more or less openly, attitudes or strategies of resistance and engagement. Preface by Ève Lamoureux, excerpt […]

The Ravishment (2008)

08_Ravissement “To be ravished is to be captured and enchanted at the same time” (Roland Barthes) Video installation for three screens on the theme of metaphors for love and war evoked by the ambiguous concept of ravishment, when taken in the contemporary sense of enchantment or the ancient one of kidnapping. Three simultaneous projections establish […]

Présomption de flânage (2006)


Photographic banner 1.5 x 10.3 meters; electronic billboard with scrolling text. Co-creation with Paule Belleau. Exploration of how young people occupy public space through portraits of teenagers and unusual places in Quebec City. The images are accompanied by a scrolling text on an electronic billboard denouncing a municipal bylaw that prohibits loitering in public places. […]

Les mots coloniaux (2006)


This photographic corpus focuses on colonial traces and the marks of globalization in the West African cities of Dakar and Ouagadougou. The series show sets of billboards and iconographic messages whose Western style contrasts with Southern environments. Inkjet prints– 3 triptych, 48 x 188 cm.– 2 diptych, 48 x 130 cm– 3 images, 48 x […]