Eva Quintas
Photography and media arts
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• Rituals of identity, tactics of resistance
These series, produced for specific creative or exhibition contexts, present portraits, formed from multiple fragments, that juxtapose symbolic and mythological elements from traditional cultures with references to today’s world.

In the construction of my images, I uses collage and photomontage, and call upon a certain theatricalness to refer to the built aspect of our perception of the other. I use and reinterpret symbols, codes and clichés, from traditional cultures, popular imagery or art history, in order to build characters and tableaux which are able to carry a social comment as well as to humour and imagination.

Mexico (2004-2006)
Poland (2003)
Japan (2002)
Cosmogonies (2001)


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• Mexico 2004
Developped as an artistic residency in the multimedia department of the Mexico 's National Arts Centre,
the two series tap into the popular imagination and the pre- Hispanic culture to match traditional
iconographic and symbolic elements to socio -political contexts of Mexico to today.

Jet ink prints on canvas
101 x 130 cm to 102 x 156 cm

- La Plumasserie, Maison des cultures amérindiennes, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, 2008
- Galerie Luz, Montréal, 2007
- Galerie Verticale, Laval, 2007
- Art and Activism, YYZ artist's outlet, Toronto, 2006
- Arts Sutton, 2006



This second series feature female characters with bouquets of flowers and symbolic representations symboliques of death (skuls, masks, hearts). The portraits are intended as a reminder, or offering to honor missing ofr murdered women in the border city of Ciudad Juárez. Since 1993, what is now called a feminicide, made more than 300 victims and nearly 1,000 missing.









• Poland 2003
- Hommage à Rossitza Daskalova
Jet ink print on canvas
91 x 122 cm

- Galerie Inner Spaces, Inner Spaces Festival, Poznan, Poland, 2003







• Japan 2002
- Les harmonies impermanentes
- Celle qui pourfend l'erreur
Jet ink prints on canvas,
91 x 122 cm

The constructed images are inspired by Japan founding myths while incorporating contemporary elements that emphasize their artifical, manufactured aspect.

- Aizu Art College, Mishima
- Kosome Art Gallery, Tokyo, 2002





• Cosmogonies 2001
Photographic installation presented in a laundromat within the collective project Villeneuve Tour of Atelier Fovea where 13 artists/photographers occupy 13 commerces and outside spaces of a small neighbourhood. Mois de la Photo à Montréal, september 2001

- 3 digital images 60 x 90 cm on the wall
- 8 digital images 60 x 17 cm, installed on the dryers



The laundry ritual is charged with cycles and circular movements that ultimately refer to time. Inspired by the laundromat owners’ origins, Cosmogonies creates a parallel between this cyclical universe and Hindu iconography. Through a delicate manipulation of these symbols and their adaptation to a contemporary art context, the work proposes a coloured reorganisation of the laundromat’s white and monotonous interior. Waiting is transformed into a meditation on the concentric rhythms of life. The creative process and the technique behind Cosmogonies also reference the intersection of cultural identities in the heart of a city.

Sylvette Babin, Villeneuve revisité, Villeneuve Tour, catalogue, Atelier Fovea, 2001(exerpt)