Eva Quintas
Photography and media arts
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• Présomption de flânage
Exploration of the phenomenon of the occupation of public space by young teenagers through portraits and unusual places in the city .
The images are accompanied by a scrolling text on electronic billboard denouncing a law prohibiting loitering in public places.







Photographic banner 1,5 x 10,3 meters;
electronic billboard with scrolling text.

Installation on the front of the Gabrielle-Roy library,
Québec City, within the public art event HABITER, organised by the art center VU.
A collaboration with Paule Belleau.

Dowload your license stroll


• Les mots coloniaux 2006
This project focuses on the colonial traces in West Africa through the representation of billboards and iconographic messages
in the cities of Dakar and Ouagadougou. The series give to see sets of signs and advertising words , the western bill contrasts
in southern environments.





Jet ink prints
- 3 tryptics, 48 x 188 cm.
- 2 diptychs, 48 x 130 cm
- 3 images, 48 x 71 cm

- Maison de la culture Côtes-des-Neiges, Montréal, 2009
- Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montréal, 2006







• Pourquoi s'engueuler avec des mots quand on peut s'entendre avec des symboles ? 2003
This photographic series, based on a text by Michel Lefebvre, and created in the city of Poznan, Poland for the interdisciplinary festival Inner Spaces 2003, stands on this langage and communication problem exarcerbated in a foreign city. When words no longer mean, symbols take a munch more important signification. With humor, the photographic constructions look upon the universal codes of the road signs by diverting them from their original context and misrepresenting the words associated with them. The city becomes a fictional construction, an ideal space to communicate through the imaginary another social perspective.

The images have been published on the no. 53 of the magazine esse, «Utopie et dystopie», Montréal, winter 2005