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Photography and media arts
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• Amazons, Rebels, and Mutants
Photo book(2014) - 50 pages, 18 photographs,french - english, Les Éditions Cayenne, Montréal. Contact me to order a copy - 20$ CAD. Communiqué (french version) - PDF

This photographic corpus presents theatricalized portraits of Quebec female artists – choreographers, performers, poets, and filmmakers. It is part of a cycle of portraits producedover the last decade that explores the warrior and the woman warrior as figures of cultural resistance. My images are accompanied by poetic texts by the author Michel Lefebvre, and the book opens with a preface by the scholar in the politics of art Ève Lamoureux.



Johanne Chagnon, performer, 2005

In these wounded landscapes
where battles are rooted
In these concerts of smoking ruins
Rebellious women with warrior eyes
Arrogant and wrathful women
Muscled tigresses of the urban jungle

Les Fernières obsédées, performers, 2008


Women invested in the field of art
Amalgamating pomp, symbols, and objects
Tipping the too-often-seen into humour and mockery
Luminescent ghosts appear on the radar screen
On the look-out for oblique tendencies
and divergent trajectories

• Letter to my rebellious and mutant friends (fragments)

Women of heart and women of mind,
you are all fierce
alive and activist, invigorated and muscular
anembarrassed and affirmed,
stubborn and even insolent
Chipping away at the territory of man
shaking on his pedestal
Brandishing freedom, equality, recognition, and difference as the fundaments of authenticity
Fierce battlers of the war of the sexes
fighting for the affirmative
The yes, I can if and only if I want to

Michel Lefebvre

Sylvie Bernard, designer, 2007


Guylaine Savoie, Irène Mayer, performers, 2006




Guylaine Savoie, choreographer, 2006






Amazons, rebels, and mutants
The years pass among us like a slow-march revolution
In this confrontation are interwoven the respective territories
of our identity .



Claudia Bernal, multidisciplinary artist, 2008