Eva Quintas
Photography and media arts
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Photo-video installation


• Fusion of horizons- video triptich, 15 minutes (2016)
- Festival in'tl de la Imagen (Manizales, Colombia), 2016
- Celebration Square, Mississauga City (Ontarion, CAN), 2016
- Galerie of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, 2017
- Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal, 2017



Photo essay for three video screens on the general theme of art, city and citizenship.

- Images and texts (French, English, Spanish): Eva Quintas, Michel Lefebvre
- Music: Thierry Gauthier

Developped during an art residency in Bogotá (CALQ / Mincultura, 2015)

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• Le Ravissement - video triptich, 15 minutes (2008)

- Voix Visuelle, Ottawa (Ontario), summer 2012
- Espace F, Matane (Québec), summer 2009
- Manif d'art 4, Québec, (Québec), spring 2008



Le Ravissement (The ravishment) is a video installation for three screens on the theme of amorous and warrior metaphors evoked by the deliciously ambiguous concept of “rapture.”

Être ravi, c'est être capturé et enchanté à la fois (Roland Barthes).

- Mathieu Leblanc (video)
- Thierry Gauthier (audio)

Three simultaneous projections establish the parallels among certain forms of virtual and physical encounter. The centre screen presents scenes with ten actors who play the action of increasingly violent amorous rapture. The two other screens, to the right and left, show a man and a woman at their computers, visiting dating and social networking sites on the Web. The triptych is complemented by a sound track on which are voiceovers giving multiple definitions of “rapture” and reading excerpts from spam e-mails professing a desire to meet.


Installation detail, Espace F, Matane (Québec), june 2009

See the video (youtube version)


• Sous le Sahel - Chroniques du Festival de l'Eau (2001-2004)
- Quinzaine des cultures, Cégep du Vieux-Montréal, october 2004
- Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montréal, april 2004
- Langage Plus, Alma (Québec), february 2004
- Espace Vidéographe, Montréal, march 2002
- Maison du livre, de l'image et du son, Villeurbanne/Lyon (France), may 2001


This installation results from a collective creative project, Le Festival de l'Eau, organized by the French association Les arts improvisés, which brought ten international artists who use mainly digital audio and visual technologies together in Burkina Faso in January 2000. The group of nomadic artists travelled by road and river to six small villages in the Mouhoun region. At each stop they installed an encampment, a generator, and all of the equipment necessary for giving concerts. They invited women, men, and children, musicians, dancers, and singers in the villages to participate.


My project resulting from this experience is organized in three chronicles – the dugout canoe, the villages, the concerts – each of which contains a series of photographs and a video. The arrangement and rendering of the images refers to the very essence of the encounter, to the contrast of high-tech and low-tech contexts. Although at the beginning the interest may have been ethnological, the document is infiltrated with meta-commentaries referring to the idea of the constructed, the fictional aspect of our perception of elsewhere.

Installation detail, Espace Vidéographe, Montréal, march 2002



Nuit bleue
Wall video projection, loop, 2:29 minutes. The descent of the river at night.

Vidéo (Quicktime, 1,6 mg)


Le regard de l'autre
Mosaïc photo-video- 120 x 132 cm
41 photographs 22x17 cm. + video / loop, 7:35 minutes
Portraits of Burkinabe villagers and little bush rituals, the Sunday dance, and making food.

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Installation detail, Maison du livre, de l'image et du son, Villeurbanne/Lyon, 2001




Les nuits atypiques
Mosaïc photo-video- 120 x 132 cm
41 photographs 22x17 cm. + video / loop, 8:22 minutes
Impromptu meetings and concerts in the villages where techno musicians combine music and traditional dances of the villagers.

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La descente du Mouhoun
Series of 8 digital photographs / 40x60 to 75x100 cm+ Video, 8:55 minutes

The landscapes of the river and the bush become imaginary places where exotic animals that we have never seen before wander. Astonishment at being there to encounter them.