Eva Quintas
Photography and media arts


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My photographic practiceis characterized by an opening to other disciplines, in particular literature and multimedia, narrative and interactive processes. I have produced photographic exhibitions, net art projects, video installations, as well as a photographic and literary plurimedia fiction with the Montréal-based author Michel Lefebvre. Through an exploration of different narative forms, my work questions the construction o cultural identities, mythologies and territories.



Présomption de flânage. Installation, Shop Angus. Les fenêtres qui parlent, special project in the boroughs within the celebrations of the 375e anniversary of Montréal, May 2017

Fusion of horizons. Photo-video installation, Maison de la culture Plateau-Mont-Royal (Montreal), February 2017

Galerie R3, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, February 2017

Celebration Square, Mississauga City, (Ontario, CAN), July 2016



Amazons, Rebels, and Mutants. Photo booklet. 50 pages, 18 photos, poetic texts. English-French. Éditions Cayenne, Montréal, 2014. Contact me to order a copy - 20$ CAD.

Le féminisme bien tempere
  Communiqué (french version) - PDF